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tv   Inside Washington  PBS  April 21, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> production assistance was provided by albritton communications and "politico," reporting on the political arena. >> this week on "inside washington," the hunt for the boston marathon bombers. we are getting better at this. >> we believe one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. a second suspect was able to flee from the car. >> from the citizens of boston, a message for terrorist. >> you mess with one os, you mess with all of us. >> is was a shameful day for washington. anynydydylsewant
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to suffer through this. >> immigration reform. likes we have been waiting. we are ready. the question is, are they ready? >> and again, boston, a word on the citizen response to the terror attack. >> strangers helping other strangers. people that had no training but wanted to do something. corexit has been quite a week. on monday in massachusetts, celebrating the battles of lexington and concord, the beginning of the war for independence, a terrorist attack that the legendary boston marathon. >> my friend had 70 nails in his leg.
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>> 70 nails. >> there is still one in my neck. the doctors could not take it out. president obama pledged to hunt down the terrorists and added this -- to intimidate us, to terrorize us, it should be clear by now the picked the wrong city to do it. [applause] not here in boston. not here in boston. >> we are putting this program together friday morning and the situation is still fluid. we are flying without instruments and visibility is very poor. however, according to law enforcement on friday morning as we prepare this program, the suspects her brother. the 19-year-old and a 20 six road. they reportedly came from a region near chechnya. the 19-year-old, dzhokhar
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tsarnaev, lived in cambridge. he had a scholarship toward college a couple of years ago. his brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, died after a firefight with police friday morning. he was worn in russia and became a legal resident in 2007. the prayer -- the brothers are believed to have entered the country 10 years ago. the associated press spoke to the father. he said i son is an angel. he said he is an intelligent boy. confirms the worst fears of those responsible for national security. there are enemies among us. >> i agree. a moreard to imagine more american place to hit in this vicious and cowardly act. i think the political implications of it are immediate.
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there will be a great resistance to immigration reform. i think it is a blow there. beyond that, it is a reminder that since september 11, there has not been a terrorist attack in this country organized from abroad by foreign nationals. this may be a break. >> all right. we have a long way to go on what the motivation was and whether there is an international connection. we are getting better at solving these things. unfortunately, this is a case of not preventing them. in a democratic society, you can't prevent everything. and wiped suck it up the tears away and keep going. week, nottened this only by the heroic reaction of so many pieced in -- people in
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boston, i am a bostonian. i feel that way. but how good law enforcement has become at the aftermath and how fast they were able to start thiseling this attack, possible conspiracy. i do not know how far it goes. i do know -- i do not know what the motivation is. to shut down a major american city on a manhunt is an amazing feat. good about that. >> jonathan. >> it is what we all feared after 9/11. not that there would be another major terrorist attack, although that was on our minds. that there would be a smaller attack. some kind of a neighborhood or a ballgame or a marathon. we do not know whether this was a couple of kids doing a copycat stuff or they are part
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of a sleeper cell. what is troubling about this it is not a sophisticated plot months in the making. it was too easy. it was too simple. it was rudimentary. that is what is frustrating and scary about it. >> charles. >> we do not know. we know who did it. we are not sure how many. we are not sure why. there is a pattern of self- radicalized people living in america. we have the time square bomber, who did not succeed. -radicalized pakistani american. we have the fort hood shooter, a physician in the army. he goes out and he shoots 13 colleagues. that havetwo kids been here a decade. be on the one that at large right now, was a regular
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american. obviously something changed. he is not a regular american anymore. attack, it is the self-radicalization. that is not preventable. isthe purpose of terrorism to terrorize. every time we lose some freedom. you see it at the airports. now we are going to see it at other races. .un yourself through something is that going to happen? >> probably. there will be a heightened sense of security. 9/11, there have been 20 americans killed in terrorist attacks. since robert kennedy was murdered on june 4, 1968, there 11e been 1.3 million americans that have died by gunfire. are theater.
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that is what they are. that is why it was effective. wasit a place that quintessential innocence. the boston marathon. there is no high-priced corporate seats. it is just families. an eight-year-old kid became the face of this. >> apparently does not occurred to these people there are cameras everywhere. >> i think if -- i think they were aware and that is why they did it. they knew there were news cameras. it would be televised. they knew there were families. everybody would have video. usually when there is attack, we do not know if it is in the name of islam, there is an immediate taking of credit. the fact there was none is on except for the fact they go out a few days later on what is a
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suicide condition. it looks as though they would not die on day one so they could live another day and hit again again and again until -- i think it was suicide. shift from the borders to the role of these is and how they are used. and how -- of visas they are used. people do not realize how many people are here on av set you legally. i think we will see focus on that -- visas illegally. i think we will see a focus on that. >> if you're going to look to a britisht is what the endured with northern ireland. this is a kin to that. we have to do it they did and
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keep a stiff upper lip and new the best we can and not lose ourselves. ofnina mentioned the years trouble with northern ireland. i was up there. it was not fun for people but they did manage to work through it. time they were checking your bags, as i mentioned. talking.nd i were this is the first successful terrorist attack since 9/11. -- we headed toward an air northern ireland operation? >> we are a bigger country than the uk. i do not know. i look to them. it was awful what they endured. but they enjoyed it. here was no place for -- they endured it. there was no place for trash. i am not pressing in. -- prescient.
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>> the pat downs. it is impossible. , marathonste every week. i predict we're going to go the way of the detection afterwards. we are going to have cameras. it is like london. it was the pictures and the cameras. i think there will be less resistance. i do not like living in a city where you are in camera. i think the american people will accept that and do not accept a screening or heavy stuff you have in israel. i think it will be the afterword detection. >> if these individuals had not shot the m.i.t. cop, would this be happening right now jacco we only got them because of what happened overnight because of what they did. >> the pictures were out there for everybody to see.
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>> by shooting a police officer , i think the new norm was going to be every sporting event you cannot bring a bag or you're going to be frisked. your bag will be looked at. i think that is going to be the reality. >> write-down they do that -- right now they do that at most stadiums. >> attribute is a case of technology and cameras. they are everywhere. liz and taylor, that is the best news in a generation. >> when charles referred to, pieces of our freedom. to the right to function without interference of the government. >> that is the of terrorism. when you're driving home, you think -- what if? that is the purpose. that is when i way we have to
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suck it up, you have to say to yourself, suck it up. i do not like cameras that catch me going through red lights. i do not like any of these cameras. i think it is the one thing people will say, i can't see it. i know i am being watched. i accept that. i think americans are going to resist the lockdown society you have in israel or northern ireland. america is a big country. people are going to say, you are not going to win. you would bankrupt the district of columbia. >> to say nothing of chevy chase village. i will get home a lot faster. >> i read something about the leadership this week. gotas interesting, obama so angry after the gun vote. i am not sure how that would have played. that wonderful
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speech he gave in boston. they paired very differently than the angry speech alone. >> the governor of massachusetts says massachusetts invented america. that may be news to people in virginia but you could forgive him. i want to come back to the boston story but the gun bill died in the u.s. senate. >> there were no coherent arguments as to why we would not do this. it came down to politics. the worry that vocal minority of gun owners would come after them in future elections. they worried the gun lobby would spend a lot of money and paint them as anti-second amendment. >> an angry president surrounded by family members of the newtown victims charging that opponents of gun legislation caved into pressure and look for an excuse to vote no. .ponsored by pat toomey
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for senate democrats voted with republicans on this. each of whom face reelection next year. will there be any political fallout from this or will it be forgotten by november? >> i think it will. it is a question of intention. i think i saw a poll where gun control is at the bottom of concerns of americans. , people are for gun control. it is not a burning issue in their lives. if they are anti-gun-control, it -- it is the people that come out and vote. that is why you have the democrats that voted against it. that was the key. there was a lot of resistance from republicans. cost over some that
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and supported the bill, including john mccain and pat toomey. i think it is understandable. it is a matter of intensity. if you are pro-gun, that is how you vote and that is how the democrat side. that is why they ended up going the way they did. >> political consequences. >> not clear at this point. i will say this, i think there will be second-guessing on the democrats' strategy. harry reid appears to go to an early vote. there was never an attempt to make this a real filibuster to challenge. once the 13 people said they were going to filibuster, ackground checks, that was challenge. ok, let's go to the mattresses. 60 days, 60 nights like we did on civil rights and make them stand up and defend that position. instead of allowing it to .ecome a pressure thing
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the sponsors said if the nra had not scored this and said this is what they're going to make their graydon, 15 senators would have voted differently. i do not know if he is right. . i think that tells you something. he said if morning this vote had taken place in january instead of april, it would have been a different story. because it dragged out it became the bloomberg-obama background check. when that happened, it never had a chance. >> timing means a lot. i am not sure whether republicans, any republicans will pay a price for this, or any democrats. i think charles had it right. it is a one issue vote for people who view their gun rights is threatened. if it is part of a larger
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picture of republicans as s, if there ist not an immigration bill, democrats will be able to profit from it. >> does the president take responsibility for this? >> he lost. whether you win or lose matters a lot, especially in the second term where -- with his ability to get things done. and you lost on the weakest of all the items. i think mark is right. this was a test. republicans, the ones that wanted to filibuster made a huge mistake and were saved by harry reid. it was a disaster to propose a filibuster. there are samet democrats that'll end up undermining it and you will have to -- you know there are senate democrats of will end up undermining it.
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it was a very short sighted on the part of those that propose filibuster. >> one point and that is there a lot of acts of courage. maybe now it has reached the point where western senators, mark udall in colorado, michael bennet, all blue states. gun states. but these are western states that have a long tradition. john dempster in montana. they are blue states but they are states that have a long tradition of gun owners. votedy of the democrats against it. the only republican not from a blue state who voted for it was john mccain, whose iconoclast.
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the others were pat toomey, pennsylvania, maine, all blue states. --the mayor from louisiana and the person from with carolina. >> the feinstein amendment only got 40 votes and one republican. >> good point. immigration. the gang of eight. will increase the legal flow of low skill workers impactwill adversely workers. >> the gang of eight unveiled their immigration reform package yesterday. jonathan, you mentioned the impact of boston on this. before boston this was the one piece of legislation everybody in washington saw having a chance to pass. it is too early to gauge what it
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is going to be. look, i do think there is a political motivation. politics is what it is. they are tired of democrats having the issues. and the democrats are working with groups who have been saying come away and? it did not happen. now they're looking to president obama. both parties have an interest in getting this done. looking at summer as the earliest time at best. >> i think jonathan's analysis is spot on. if you get into republican primaries, and it becomes an , that isd he prevails going to make -- that starts to
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send the same snowball going we saw in 2012. we saw mitt romney become the nominee is the most seen a bic candidateopho in the field. >> he got a shellacking. i think there is a sense, i think jonathan is right. republicans are not happy with the legislation. they do not want the issue around. there is a question of merit. the problem is, how do we have a bill that would have said we will legalize everybody but after we close the border to 90%? you would have 90% of americans in favor. the problem is you get instant legalization. the only thing that hinges on the closing of the border is getting a green card. if you are legal, you can stay here and never fear deportation deportation. you have everything you want. >> you do.
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you can't work easily. how about letting me talk? it is a rigorous bill in terms of how long it would take to get a green card, over a decade. become a citizen, even more. the kind of money you would have to pay. closing the border, if you look the transfers, over our bird -- border are the lowest point in more than a decade. well over a decade. more like two decades. you can say it is the recession. but to actually be able to close a border 90% you have to be like east berlin. we do not want to live that way. >> we will have more reaction to the boston marathon bombings. ♪ the land of the free and the home of the brave ♪
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>> boston bruins fans belting out the national anthem wednesday night. and in baseball stadiums all over the country, including yankee stadium, the fans were singing "sweet caroline," the song red sox fans sing at fenway park. >> even the yankees. >> let me ask you a question, after the bombings, spectators, personnel, runners, they all ran toward the trouble instead of away. boston should be proud of themselves. >> absolutely. were not ally bostonians but the majority were. it was remarkable to see people run towards those that were hurting and distressed instead of cowering and fleeing, which would have been understandable. the first responders, the police, the doctors and the nurses, the firefighters. 340nding ourselves that
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three new york firefighters walked into the jaws of hath on september 11 -- hell on september 11. they are all public employees who take a beating all the time. it is nice to see them recognized for the kind of courage most of us would only wish for. >> there were runners that kept running to go give blood. there were runners that were doctors at the hospital and nurses at the hospital who kept running to go take care of people. i has been used to work there. i thought i was going have to hold him down. boston is a very special city. itbe i am a sap, and maybe is just because i am from there, but it is a different place. it is. >> i am in the same club. >> there was a picture none of us will forget, his legs were
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blown off below the knees and he was being pushed in a wheelchair. it turned out that fellow told the fbi, as he was waking up, he saw the guy with a backpack. he helped tip off the fbi to find the criminals. that hasher point is the finest hospitals in the world. it happened close to mass general. there were a lot of lives and a lot of limbs saved because it a hospital be in with devoted doctors who operate all day and all night. >> the last word. thank you. see next week.
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